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 ✓ Relieve Stress in your Daily Life
✓ Teach your Body and Mind to work together
✓ Online learning from your computer or phone

The link between Mind Body and Soul is a scientific fact. Mind-Body healing is now a worldwide standard and accepted learning for everyone including medical professionals.

  • Become more focused in your daily life.

  • Learn about the latest ground breaking science on MBS from the leading experts in their fields

  • Begin to deeply relax by following audio and video meditation steps

Your online eLearning includes:
✓A comprehensive 49 step multimedia course including videos, audio recordings, quizzes and feedback
✓ Chock-full of up to date and important info that will teach you to align your Body and Spirit
✓ Includes 16 specialized Meditation sessions, each with its own audio walkthrough
✓ Your course instructor Shari will guide you through the entire course
✓ The course will take you 1-2 days to complete
✓You can come back as often as you want to review the materials as your MBS connection grows


This Certified Mind Body Spirit Course was created by Dr. Divi Chandra, MD, Vancouver, BC Canada.


Dr. Divi created the program based on a variety of teachings including Abraham Hicks (non physical collective consciousness) conveying messages and teachings through Esther Hicks. 


This deep learning course was born out of a strong passion, a shared vision and a ceaseless commitment to helping others during these difficult times.

The human mind is truly miraculous! Learn about the science of training your brain to help you heal and destress.

Learning, Understanding and Practicing these materials can have life altering results for you!

What You'll Learn

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The 2020 Pandemic has caused a lot of additional anxiety and stress in our lives.


We all tend to feel more alone, disconnected and searching for help and guidance.


This multi-step course will get you feet back on the ground and help you focus on what matters in your life.


Learn from multiple experts in their respective fields and align the biology of the Body, the Neurology of the Mind, and the Chemistry of the Spirit.

You will be immersed in this comprehensive 49 step course that teach you about the science of healing. You will read, learn and be guided through updated information on how the Mind, Body and Spirit can be taught to work together to help relax and heal your body. 

The Time to Heal is NOW!

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You will be presented with up to date and important materials from the leading MBS experts in the field today.

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We often hear the words and phrase "body-mind-spirit" everywhere these days.

We know it is connected to optimal health and wellness, but HOW exactly?  

Do we REALLY understand what it means on an every day, practical level? More often than not, terms like this evoke esoteric wisdoms and a sense of spirituality that can make a person feel like their head is floating up in the clouds!

Many people tend to shy away from yoga and other forms of alternative healing simply because the concept of body-mind-spirit seems too “Out There”!

This course will teach you to fully understand Body-Mind-Spirit in simple and practical terms by teaching groundbreaking research in the sciences and learning more about the our body’s basic functions and applying the latest knowledge to help you heal and learn to achieve anything you want to achieve!

Learn the importance of the Mind Body Spirit connection

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Course Info

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Only $49

Current research tells us that we have three separate neural pathway networks, leading to the head, the gut and the heart.

These have been dubbed the 'three brains', all of them capable of controlling how we feel and how we react.

It’s vital for us to nurture each ‘brain’ to ensure our optimal wellbeing. We need to look after our mental health to maintain focus and clarity of the mind. It is also important to develop positive relationships and genuine connections to others to nourish our spiritual and emotional health. And we always need to monitor what we put into our body to ensure our ongoing physical wellbeing.

It can be a delicate balance! If our physical health is sound but our mental or spiritual wellbeing isn't, our physical health will eventually be impacted by these:  effects of reduced motivation, low morale, decreased satisfaction and lack of purpose. Likewise, poor physical health can effect our personal satisfaction, contentment and mental state.

This is why it’s vital to understand the importance of mind, body and soul and identify ways to improve and maintain health and wellbeing in each area.

Learn new knowledge and Life skills in this breakthrough eLearning course

$49 -Lifetime Access

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