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Course Details

Hover over the picture to learn specifics about your  upcoming course from your MBS Certified instructor and Reiki  Master Shari

Course Overview: Course Overview
Self Paced Learning:
Program Outline
This blended learning course utilizes a variety of tools and mediums to enhance your elearning

Your online course instructor will guide you through 49 steps along with 16 specialized meditation sessions that will help you relax and focus on the detailed course content. 
  • Introduction to Mind Body Spirit Healing 

  • The science behind Natural Healing including:

    • CAM (Complimentary Alternative Modality) Therapies

    • Placebo Effect

    • Spontaneous Remission

    • Nocebo Effect

    • Genetic Theory, Biology of Belief

    • Neuroplasticity and the Brain

    • Research on MBS  

  • Ideal Self Imagery Meditation 

  • Mind Voice versus Spirit Voice 

  • Emotions 

  • Vibration and Energy 

  • Thought momentum and Breaking it 

  • General/Specific Thoughts 

  • Contrast and Clarity 

  • Setting Our Vibration 

  • Shifting our Belief Systems and Realities 

  • Emotional Scale 

  • Body and Illness 

  • Focus Wheel

  • Healing the Body 

  • 16 separate and specialized Meditations such as Light Body Meditation, Belly Breathing Meditation, Uncondiational Love Meditation, Pain Body Meditation

* Focus Wheels

* Drawing Exercise

* Emotional Scales * Shaking exercise

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