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47 Step Comprehensive Online Learning.

Relieve Stress and learn the most up to date science on Healing your Body and Mind

Yoga at Home

Reduce Anxiety and Stress

harmonize Mind & Body  to help heal fatigue and pain

Align your Body & Mind to it's healthy, natural state!
Learn about the Science behind modern healing!


If traditional medicine has not worked for you, and if you feel hesitant to try alternative healing, this course can help you bridge the gap between science and spirit. Learn how mind and body CAN work together to harmonize self and retrain your brain to help you heal and destress.

Certified Mind Body Spirit Course originally taught by Dr. Divi Chandna, Vancouver BC


Why Are You Here?

Is it a longing to feel better? To de-stress? Was it a friend? A nudge? Or maybe it was simply intuition. We would like you to consider taking the next step to good health and miraculous opportunities.

This Certified Mind Body Spirit Course was created by Dr. Divi Chandra, MD, Vancouver, BC Canada.


Dr. Divi created the course based on Abraham Hicks (non physical collective consciousness) conveying messages and teachings through Esther Hicks. 


This deep learning course was born out of a strong passion, a shared vision and a ceaseless commitment to helping others during these difficult times.

These materials can have life altering results for you! 

The human mind is truly miraculous. Learn about the science of training your brain to help you heal and destress.


Now is the Time to Heal!

The 2020 Pandemic has caused a lot of additional anxiety and stress in our lives.


We all tend to feel more alone, disconnected and searching for help and guidance.


This multi-step course will get you feet back on the ground and help you focus on what matters in your life.


Learn from multiple experts in their respective fields and align the biology of the Body, the Neurology of the Mind, and the Chemistry of the Spirit.

You will be immersed in this comprehensive 49 step course that teach you about the science of healing. You will read, learn and be guided through updated information on how the Mind, Body and Spirit can be taught to work together to help relax and heal your body. 

Learn new knowledge and Life skills in this breakthrough eLearning course

$49 -Lifetime Access

We often hear the words and phrase "body-mind-spirit" everywhere these days. We know it is connected to optimal health and wellness, but HOW exactly?  Do we REALLY understand what it means on an every day, practical level? More often than not, terms like this evoke esoteric wisdoms and a sense of spirituality that can make a person feel like their head is floating up in the clouds. Many people tend to shy away from yoga and other forms of alternative healing simply because the concept of body-mind-spirit seems too “Out There”!

This course will teach you to further understand Body-Mind-Spirit in simple and practical terms by teaching groundbreaking research in the sciences and learning more about the our body’s basic functions and applying the latest knowledge to help you heal and learn to achieve anything you want to achieve!

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Lifetime  Access


Only $49

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