Your online course has been customized and redesigned to maximize your learning and understanding of the multimedia materials.

This eLearning course was originally designed and taught by renowned spiritual teacher Dr. Divi Chandna of Vancouver Canada. It was originally created by Dr. Chandna as a one day "in-person" course. Due to the pandemic we have switched the content to online. It may take you longer than 1 day to complete the course - That is fine. You should work at your own pace. 

Some of the material content is  based on Abraham Hicks (non physical collective consciousness) conveying messages and teachings through Esther Hicks.

There are 16 individual meditations along with a huge amount of course material. Many steps have quiz questions and feedback areas at the completion of the step.

Your course instructor Shari will guide you through most steps. There are multiple steps within each of the 3 main sections and the meditations that accompany many of the steps will help you relax and focus so you can maximize your learning and absorb the material presented.

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